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Buddy has had "The need for speed" from a very early age. He watched his father turn wrenches at the local garage (located in Daleville, IN) during the week and on stock cars during the weekend at.

Starting his racing career with BMX bikes at the age of 11 years old. He has been in and around racing all of his life. If he wasn't at some kind of track watching, learning or competing he was working on building something in the garage. He started his upward climb in the local stock car events in 1988 at the home of "The World's Fastest High-Banked 1/4 mile Oval" located in Anderson, IN., as-well-as Muncie Speedway which closed later in 1990 and at...
"The World's Fastest 1/2 Mile" Winchester Speedway, Salem, Irwindale, Caraway, Illiana, Chicagoland, Mansfield, Bristol, Kentucky Motor Speedway & ORP - just to mention a few.
That's just some of the many along the way.

Being very determined to make the climb through the racing ranks, he has competed in just about every level of grass root racing you could possibly could. Driving through the ranks, of street stocks, sportsmans, late models, modifieds and even ran three years of dirt tracks in super stocks, before returning to asphalt in the Truck Series.
Now after running the last few years in several different grass roots truck series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series & National Speed Series is where all the focus is.

Buddy also has worked for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for several years, Anderson Speedway as the Marketing Director, as well as with IRL team's mechanic (as a member of "over the wall crew" and a very involved team player) for several years.  With the opportunity to drive/test in the IRL's Infiniti Pro Series Cars (running 180+), the speed has proved to be no problem for this talented driver. With this upward climb  through the ranks it has given him the opportunity to test, drive and compete on some of the fastest tracks across the country, of all sizes and types.

Many drivers have raced at the same tracks to rise to the top at the local levels, becoming "Local Super Stars" of sort, but never going anywhere else or following their dreams. Buddy has stated many times, to many people... "I would rather be a driver starting the Daytona 500 or Indy 500 that few have heard of, then to be the local superstar in ANYWHERE USA".

His passion to always get to the next level brings so much excitement to whatever division he is in or wherever he competes, that the fans never go away disappointed and he continues to keep them coming back for more. With all of the different types of driving experience, he has definitely shown that he can handle a race vehicle under all kinds of conditions. With his patience and ability to understand and overcome many obstacles along the way, he has been victorious in every level in which he has competed.

Buddy has been victorious in everything he has driven and he says that he's not going to settle for anything less.